Thursday, August 17, 2006

What would you do ??

The past two weeks, ive been noticing that one of my colleagues, has been sneakin out of office within 1-2 hrs after coming in or for most days not turning up at all...!! Its like come in to office around 9.00 in the morning and leave by 10-10.30. The thing that bothers me most is, even i wanna do tht at times but dont have the guts to do it. Is tht wat courage is, or is it pure cheating? Cheating your company, your team members, your superiors... I agree, if you are not working on anything urgent or pressing, its very likely that you would want to sneak out, but then the company is still paying you for working, whether u have work or not is an entirely different matter...!!! But its irritating for people like me, cos as much as i wish to do the same, i know i will never do that...

When i tried doing this once, after contemplating this matter for over a week, i managed to land up rite in front of my superiors !! maybe, its the loud thumping of my heart or the "i didnt do anything..." look on my face that attracts them. My conscience would make me feel so guilty and it would be written all over my face,but this colleague of mine, "well cool as a cucumber" (tht's a infamous sidhu dialogue..). I know of another friend of mine, who was so frustrated about not having any work to do, but he still hung around in office, although taking numerous coffee, TT breaks and waiting for his seniors to give him some work. Well tht's two sides of the coin.

What would you do, if you had no work at office ??

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sangeeta said...

if i have no work in office or i have no mood to continue job... i will go to yahoo.. am very interested to chat with UNKNOWN people....i will never identify who is am .. and am not interested to make friendship other than chatting...bye.